Holy F bomb!!

Hello everyone, I'm back to comment on our favorite train of misery, the Detroit Lions. It's only coming up on the third week of preseason, and I've already almost had a stroke on three separate occasions.

Stroke #1: Special teams beyond meltdown! How did Stan Kwan survive the off season house cleaning? "Completely fucked" is the only way to describe the Lions' special teams play, since he took over. And on Saturday, they almost gave me a fucking stroke!! Horrible in every way.

Stroke #2: Why is Aveon Cason still on this fucking football team!!! Not once have I ever said the words: "Wow! That was a great play by Cason!". Never! And he's been on this team for FOUR FUCKING YEARS!!! So why is he getting so much playing time returning kicks, and at the HB position, when we have younger players with supposedly way more talent! They should be getting these reps and showing what they can do, not Mr. Cason, the never was. I better see Derek Williams this Saturday, or I swear I'm going to leap off of a mountain!

Stroke #3: Cleveland Browns-offensive juggernaut?! These fuckers hadn't scored a TD since last November!!! And the Lions let them march down the field like they're the fucking Colts!! WTFFFF!!!!

OK, that's the rant for this week. I don't know if you noticed, but this is now an R rated blog. I tried to be a pro, and refrain from swearing, but it's just fucking impossible with this team.

Things I'd to see this week:
Sign TJ Duckett
And how about some tackling in this weeks game?